Unesa Global Achievement

University Accreditation from Indonesia'S National Accreditation Board of Higher Education : A   

According to Webometrics, in 2018:

Unesa has a world rank in the position 3,854 from about 22,000 universities ranked around the world. Meaning, Unesa is the best 17% universities in the world.

It ranks 1,289 out of more than 13,090 universities in Asia Pacific. Meaning, Unesa is the best 10% universities in Asia Pasific.

It is ranked 119 out of more than 3,145 univeristies in South East Asia, meaning Unesa is the best 4% universities in South East Asia.

It is ranked 35 of more than 410 universities in Indonesia. Meaning, Unesa is the best 8% universities in Indonesia.

Based on Webometrics data, Unesa’s ranks in other indicators, namely presence, impact, openness, and excellence in 2018 are encouraging. Two indicators need serious consideration which are presence and excellence, whereas other two indicators which are impact and excellence are significantly increased from 2014 data. Presence is an indicator for the volume of global content indexed by Google. Unesa is ranked at 743. Meanwhile, openness is an indicator of the amount of academic files indexed by Google Scholar, in which Unesa is at the position 2,554. Nevertheless, impact indicator jumps up to 4,284 ranked, meaning Unesa website becomes more popular and has more visitors than in 2014 when it ranked at 6,193. Same as an excellence indicator, it is ranked at 4,895 whereas in 2014 it ranked 5,155. It means that more Unesa scholars achieve and publish their academic articles indexed by Scimago/Scopus.

To conclude, the webometrics records Unesa’s significant contributions in global academic recognition.