1.     Revitalizing entrepreneurship-based study programs

2.     Established new entrepreneurship-based study programs and faculties

3.     Improve the quality of lecturers and educational staff through trainings and further studies both domestically and abroad

4.     To revitalize the facilities and infrastructure for academic and non-academic activities

5.     Revitalizing school lab management

6.     Revitalizing Unesa's organizational governance

7.     Revitalizing Unesa campuses in Teratai and Gedangan

8.     Revitalizing the eco campus-based Unesa environment

9.     Established a show room for Unesa's superior products

10.  Set up a tracer study center and job center

11.  Making booklets, souvenirs, and multilanguage based web

12.  Improve the quality of service to students and stakeholders

13.  Increase the volume and quality of cooperation with the central government, local governments, the world of work, the industrial world, as well as domestic and foreign organizations

14.  Empowerment of profit-generating Unesa business facilities assets

15.  Monitoring and evaluating the follow-up of the implementation of the cooperation as a whole 

16. Development of Integrity Zones Towards Corruption Free Areas (WBK) and Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Areas (WBBM)