The academic year is divided into two semesters, which will be started on:

Study Period

Fall Semester 2019: August – December 2019

Application deadline: 31 May 2019

Spring Semester 2020: February – May 2020

Application deadline: 30 November 2019


Unesa offers various degree programs organized by the faculties and postgraduate program within the university. While some faculties are opened International Class for Degree Program, which is English is used as Medium of Instruction, some faculties offer full degree programs with Bahasa Indonesia


Degree programs are:

·         Undergraduate/Bachelor (S1)

·         Master (S2)

·         Doctoral (S3)

·         Vocational Three-Year Diploma (D3)

Non-degree program:

BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigner)

Interested applicants with no sufficient language score/proficiency (either in English or Indonesian) can still apply for a condition offer. Unesa provides English and Indonesian courses to improve candidates’ language proficiency. For applicants who would like to apply on non-International Degree Program is  required to learn Indonesia Language for 1 year period at BIPA Unesa.

Application letter must be sent to Unesa International Office ( with complete supporting documents as listed below. If necessary, the Unesa selection committee will undertake an interview session through phone or skype (if necessary). The admission requirements for each program are described in the next section.

How to Apply in Unesa

·         International students open Unesa website at or the International Office Unesa website at

        On this page, foreign students will get information about the steps of registering and sending documents via International Office email.

·         International students determine the courses of interest.

·         International students apply for registration and send required documents as students at Unesa via email at

·         International students take a new student admission selection test online.

·         The academic bureau issues a statement containing announcement that the international students are accepted / failed to study at Unesa, addressed to   International Office Unesa.

·         International Office Unesa issues a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) / Letter of Regret signed by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs for the international students.

·         International Office Unesa sends LoA to the international students as a requirement for processing visa in the student's home country.

·         International students who are declare accepted, pay tuition fees at Unesa by bank transfer mechanism addressed to the Unesa’s account.

·         International students submit files related to immigration process via email to International Office Unesa (

Required Documents:

1. Scanned Passport

2. Recent Formal Photograph

3. Scanned Latest Academic Certificate/Diploma

4. Scanned Latest Academic Transcript

5. Scanned Latest Medical Statement

6. Filled Candidate Information Form UNESA_CandidateInfoForm

7. Filled Statement Letter for Behavior and Funding Commitment

Bachelor : UNESA_StatementLetter_Bachelor

Master : UNESA_StatementLetter_Master

Doctoral : UNESA_StatementLetter_Doctoral

BIPA : UNESA_StatementLetter_BIPA

8. Filled UNESA Health Information Form UNESA_HealthInfoForm